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[Recruitment] Ph.D and Post-Doc. positions are Available (2023.09.05)

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작성일 2023-09-05


Ph.D and Post-Doc. positions are Available
Special Crop Science Lab, Chonnam Nat’l Univ. Korea

We are looking for a highly motivated Ph.D course student and a postdoctoral researcher (~ research professor level) who have experienced in plant molecular biology/physiology/biochemistry (Gene cloning, qRT-PCR, in planta transformation and functional characterization) in Chonnam National University (CNU)*, South Korea. A person can be participated in one of the projects below,

First, elucidating the basic roles of plant phospholipase A families, especially focused on the haploid induction mechanisms (Jang et al., 2023, New Phytologist, https://doi.org/10.1111/nph.18898 and Jang et al., 2023, Plant Physiology, https://doi.org/10.1093/plphys/kiad422) in molecular biology, genetic, and biochemistry level as well as other developmental roles (Jang et al., Plant Physiology, 2020.184:1482-1492; Lee et al., Plant Cell, 2010. 22:1812-1825). Understanding the roles of plant phospholipase-mediated haploid induction and other important functions on plant growth and development based on auxin hormone and ROS will be the main focus.

Second, functional characterization of ginseng saponin (triterpene) biosynthesis-related genes such as HMG Co-A reductase (Kim et al., 2014, Plant Physiology,165:373-387), Dammarenediol synthase, Squalene synthase, Squalene epoxidase, UGT, P450 genes. Promoter analysis of the genes by ChIP or yeast one/two-hybrid analysis, and finding their main regulator will be the focus. Ultimately selective ginseng saponin production in planta system is also our interest.

Experience in analytical tools such as HPLC, LS/MS is a plus.
Any experience in confocal microscopy/two-photon microscopy, HPLC, karyotyping, and FISH can be a merit. Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications. Interested candidate should apply by email to Prof. Ok Ran Lee (mpizlee@jnu.ac.kr). The email should include the following: (1) Cover letter explaining the research interests and possible proposal based on the given topics, (2) CV, (3) if have, publications or in press articles, and (4) contact information including phone numbers for at least 3 references.

For additional information on research PI Ok Ran Lee, please refer to the following link: (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=Ok+RAN+lee)

*CNU has continued its glorious traditions as a leading star of the Honam region toward a broader world and brighter future. CNU has grown important and professional human resources of the country as a major national university. And it has also earned a top 10-level research competence in the nation as a research-focused university. Moreover, its unstinted support for education gives the highest satisfaction to students. Based on the secred entials, Chonnam National University is growing into a world-class university.